Orchard Planting This Saturday in Haggerston Park

by Jamie on December 10, 2010

Tomorrow a bunch of us are heading down to Haggerston Park to help the London Orchard Project plant a new community orchard of 10 trees in the East corner of the park by Hackney City Farm. This previously slightly neglected spot, located right where we had our first ever harvest, is being converted over to food growing by Hackney City Farm, and this orchard is going to form a part of that.

It’s great to see underused park space being put to good use in this way. There is a lot of open grassland in London’s parks and I think more could follow this example (I’ve been thinking that a ring of allotments encricling each park would be a pretty inspiring sight). Up in Clissold Park in Stoke Newington, Growing Communities has a spot for food growing, so perhaps things are heading in the right direction.

We’re going to be down in Haggerston Park from 11am and if you’d like to come along and lend a hand you’d be very welcome.

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Lewis McNeill March 18, 2011 at 9:34 am

Hi Jamie

I’ve now moved to Hackney and am keen to get involved in all things orchardy (and all things local foody/permaculturey for that matter), so please let me know if anything is going on. Thanks, Lewis

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