This website has been set up to support a new project in Hackney. With the support of the excellent London Orchard Project, we will be mapping the fruit trees that are tucked away in squares, parks and gardens around Hackney.

Once we know where the trees are, we can then help to make the most of the fruit that they produce, ensuring that it doesn’t simply fall to the ground and go to waste. We’ll encourage the owners of trees to convert the fruit into delicious food, and if anyone doesn’t have the time to do that, we’ll happily take the fruit off their hands and make jams, chutneys, cakes, crumbles, pies, strudels, flans, ice cream, juice, cider…

We’ll try and put as much useful information up on this website as possible, including information about fruit tree identification, recipes and anything else that catches our eye.

Feel free to speak up in the comments section below with ideas and feedback and if you want to get involved and lend a hand, please contact us!