First Harvesting Day in Stoke Newington this Saturday – Any Plum Trees Out There?

by Jamie on August 16, 2010

Now that plums are very much in season, we’re going to be giving the harvesting a shot for the first time this weekend. It’s all very exciting and we don’t really know what to expect but it’s going to be fun finding out.

We have a selection of plum trees on our books which we’ll be investigating this week but as ever we’re keen to know If anyone out there has a tree with more fruit than they can handle – please let us know if this is the case and we’ll come and help out.

If you’re free and can lend a hand (and hopefully getting some fresh plums to take home) then come along to The Jolly Butchers on Stoke Newington High Street at 12 this Saturday.

Depending on the results of the harvest, we may have an ad hoc processing session on the Sunday but that’s still to be decided.

Find out how to get to the Jolly Butchers here:

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