“Tastiest Apple Crop for Years”

by Jamie on September 11, 2010

Good news out this week is that apple growers are saying that this is going to be the “tastiest crop for years” (“decades” if you read the Telegraph!):

Last winter’s cold spells meant that orchards lay dormant for longer, then the decent spring and early summer helped turn the higher amounts of starch into sugar. According to the English Apples and Pears trade association this year’s crop of apples might be smaller than usual but will be almost certainly tasty.

Adrian Barlow, chief executive of English Apples and Pears, which represents 400 growers across the country, said: “The winter and start of spring were very cold which gave orchards good dormancy. When the spring came it was a bit late and it warmed up very quickly. We also had some very good light levels which helped turn the starch to sugar.”

Jonathan Hoskyns, owner of the 65-acre North Perrott fruit farm in Somerset, said: “The size of the crop will be about the same as last year but the quality will be much better. Fruit growers like cold winters because it kills the bugs and makes the buds rest. Then the more sun we have during the summer the better flavour the apples will have.”

Good news!

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