Harvesting Apples Tomorrow (Sunday 2nd)

by on October 1, 2011

We’re going to be straying a little bit out of our patch tomorrow but I think it’ll be worth it as we’ve been given permission to harvest a couple of trees in the garden of a lovely pub up in Tottenham Hale called the Ferry Boat Inn.

Unfortunately it looks like the trains aren’t running from Hackney Downs to Tottenham Hale on Sunday so it’s either a lovely bike ride along the marshes or a bus up to Seven Sisters and then a stroll to the pub.

We need to get there before the pub opens at 12 so we’ll aim to get there for about 11. If anyone would like to come along by bus, I’ll be beside the Stoke Newington police station stop at 10.30am.

If anyone has a tree in their garden that’s in need of harvesting this Sunday, please contact us!

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