Hackney Harvest Website Up and Running

by Jamie on June 16, 2010

Welcome to the new Hackney Harvest website!

This website has been set up to support a new project in Hackney. Working in collaboration with the excellent London Orchard Project, we will be mapping the fruit trees that are tucked away in squares, parks and gardens around Hackney.

Once we know where the trees are, we can then help to make the most of the fruit that they produce, ensuring that it doesn’t simply fall to the ground and go to waste.

We’ll encourage the owners of trees to convert the fruit into delicious food, and if anyone doesn’t have the time to do that, we’ll happily take the fruit off their hands and make jams, chutneys, crumbles, pies and anything else we can think of.

We’ll try and put as much useful information up on this website as possible, including information about fruit tree identification, recipes and anything else that catches our eye. Please feel free to speak up in the comments section below with ideas and feedback. We’re also going to need help with this project so please send us an email if you’re interested in lending a hand – all assistance gratefully received!

To follow what’s going on with this project, pop back to this website from time to time and we’ll keep you pudated of progress. Or even better, there’s an RSS feed up in the top right hand corner of each page of the website so you can keep an eye on developments.

If you know of any fruit trees in the borough of Hackney then please drop us a line and we’ll stick it on our (currently bare) map.

The next meeting is happening on Saturday 26th June from 11am and we’ll be hitting our first area, searching for trees and trying to get the word out about the project. The plan is to meet at Pangea Project (venue tbc but if it’s not open it’ll be the Birdcage a few doors down) with maps of Stoke Newington. Some books to help recognise fruit trees will be provided and we’ll have flyers to give to the owners of any trees we can locate.

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